Hario V60-02 Range Server - Hand Brewed Coffee

Hario V60-02 Range Server


If you are a coffee connoisseur and you like to grind your own coffee, you may have felt the need for an intermediary between your coffee dripper and coffee cup. The Hario V60-02 Range coffee server fills this gap perfectly.

First, put the coffee in the dripper. Now, place the dripper over the server. Next, pour hot water into the dripper and your fresh coffee is ready.

  • Made from heat-resistant glass and microwaveable, this coffee server is the perfect partner to your V60-02 coffee dripper.
  • Comes with a clear lid, which is equipped with a rubber insert ensuring that your coffee remains warm for a long time.
  • This coffee server is compatible with 02 size V60 dripper.